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Spey Runners is a small, friendly running club catering for beginners, seasoned runners and those who just want to go out for a pleasant run with friends.

We are keen to have new members who have not run before, or think they can not run.

Come along and meet us and we are sure you will have a great time and make new friends.

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Gordon Castle 10k

In the last few days, Spey Runners Committee has made informal contact with a number of running clubs in the area, whose members have taken part in previous Gordon Castle 10k races, to try to ascertain potential levels of participation. All the clubs we have contacted have advised us that none of their members are likely to take part this year due to the clash with the Stirling marathon. While a number of non-affiliated runners may still take part, the viability of events such as this really depends on support from club runners in our area and beyond.

Our club committee has discussed the situation and has concluded that we can no longer make any arrangements for staging the Gordon Castle 10k race if we cannot count on support from affiliated club runners. This is disappointing; however, we are not prepared to take the risk of time and money being invested in staging an event which may not be viable.

It's not always the speed of the run, but the spirit of the runner

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Thursday's club run will be the Hairpin! A gentler route will be offered for returners if required. Head torches and hi-viz still required. Meet at the High School at 6.20pm for a 6.30pm start. Happy Hairpin running everyone.